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French Red Clay Mask 100g
French Red Clay Mask 100g

French Red Clay Mask 100g

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Made from the finest French red clay, Argile Du Velay, from the foot of the Auvergne volcanoes. This red clay is rich in iron oxide. In face masks, its color will illuminate the skin especially dark skin or pigmentation, great to help broken capillaries and is very conditioning. Excellent for helping to detoxify and purify the skin, with added colliodal oatmeal, A special form of oatmeal that helps soothe, soften, and increase moisture in the skin. Suitable for all skin types and trust me, this face mask is exceptionally lovely.
This unique clay is extracted under exacting conditions to ensure that the active mineral content is retained, while respecting the environment and engaging in practices to ensure they have the lowest carbon footprint of any clay supplier.🌳🌿🌿🌿🌳

I have chosen to make a dry clay mix that you add water to make your own paste. Why?
1) NO PRESERVATIVES, by giving you a dry mix I am eliminating the need for toxic preservatives that are used in all face masks that come already blended. This is 100% NATURAL and suitable for sensitive skin
2) IT WON'T DRY OUT ON YOU, how many times have you bought an expensive brand clay mask only to have it go all dry and cakey. This inevitably happens with most wet masks
3)LONG USED BY DATE, essentially most of those masks need to be used quickly or they tend to change consistency, dry out, if you add water into them that can cause bacteria growth if you add water to an already mixed mask 
This dry mix is made by you FRESH every time you need a face pampering. (Once a week is recommended)
4)15 + MASKS IN EVERY JAR. Usually you get 3 to 4 masks a tub when you purchase from retail stores that can cost up to $50 or more for a tub, our dry mask gives you more usage as we only use the dry ingredients and you just add a touch of warm water. That's it!!

Directions: Add a full tea spoon of dry mix to a clean dry bowl, add a small amount of warm water till it forms a paste. Apply onto face with a brush, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Leave on for 15min, then wash off with warm water. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.