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Thank you to the Whitehorse Business Group for the nomination and award!!! Mosaic & Moonlight just won the Sole Trader Award 2019!

 Hi, and welcome to Mosaic & Moonlight Natural Products

Tanya Gulevski is the founder of Mosaic & Moonlight Natural Products, 2017.

Tanya is a professional photographer and graphic designer with qualifications from the International College of Professional Photography, and Swinburne University Melbourne.  

Tanya started Mosaic & Moonlight because of her passion for creating lovely fragrant soy and natural beeswax candles. Her candles were so popular with friends and family, that they convinced her to start a small business and sell them. Sourcing the best quality non toxic ingredients are paramount for Mosaic & Moonlight Natural Products.  

This process encouraged Tanya to delve into other natural products, such as home, aromatherapy and body products. Keeping the same ethos, natural, cruelty free and sustainably sourced. Tanya is now working her way through a certificate in Aromatherapy, with the prestigious Aromahead Institute. 

Recognised internationally as a premiere education center dedicated to the study of the therapeutic uses of essential oils, Aromahead Institute has met the rigorous qualifications of these highly respected organisations to train and certify clinical Aromatherapy practitioners:

 All our body products and home products are made with all natural ingredients and essential oils. We use everything we make! and are passionate about making sure what we sell is the best quality, and you can have a great experience at home with them too. Making excellent quality products, while keeping it affordable for every day use is our goal. Our Australian Made Certification in 2019 has been a great certification to have, we keep it as local as possible!

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