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We recommend a maximum 5 hour candle burn time to maintain burn safety.

Trim the wick to about 3mm before each use, this will help with controlled burn and lower flame level. If you get some soy residue or soot on the jar, just give it a wipe over with a paper towel, and the jar will look brand new again. Make sure all tags and cords are removed before use.

Mosaic and Moonlight use only re-usable and recyclable jars, we would love you to wash them out after the candle is expired, and re-use them around the home, e.g.: spice jars, holders for small bathroom products, and more.


We recommend a good scrub 1-2 times per week, use after you shower or bathe, and no need to moisturise afterwards! The coconut oil in the scrub will leave you feeling soft as silk. Great for dry skin areas, and improving skin health and hydration. All natural and gentle on skin with organic ingredients. shelf life is 8-12 months unopened, please use with-in 6 weeks of opening. Try not to get any water in the product, as it will prevent outside bacteria effecting the product. 



We recommend a good bath salt soak once a week, or when you have tired and sore muscles. The magnesium has been shown to markedly improve skin hydration, speed in wound healing, decrease inflammation, and aide in relieving restless leg syndrome. The essential oils also help to relieve stress and promote a calmness. Use within 12 months from purchase.


Even if you don't have a reaction to conventional supermarket soap that contains synthetic chemicals and artificial ingredients, they will most assuredly dry your skin causing itching and flaky areas. Our natural soaps contain no artificial ingredients, everything is naturally grown, no animal products, and subtly scented with pure essential oils. Our soaps have luxury ingredients like virgin coconut oil, 44% virgin olive oil and 100% sustainably sourced palm. They give our bars their creamy and silky feel, Once you eliminate the synthetic products from your skin, you will notice a huge difference. Shelf life of cold process soap is variable, but you will get a minimum 2 years+ for our soaps. 


Our butters and balms are made with only the best ingredients. We source as much Australian made and grown products as possible. Our butters do not contain any nasty chemicals, preservatives, SLS, Parabins, EDTA or Paraffin/Petrolium ingredients. Shelf life is approx. 12 months from purchase. Depending on your climate and surroundings, it may last longer, but we ask you to use our product fresh with-in a 6-8 month time frame. You'll love them!