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Soy Melt Pots 60g

Soy Melt Pots 60g

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Receive 5 Melt pots (5x 60g pots ) with mystery fragrances or choose individual pots with a large array of perfume fragrances. 

Use in an oil burner or melt burner, approx 5 burn sessions in each melt (or 20hrs total) Once the fragrance is no longer throwing a scent, discard the wax, and use a new melt. Just push on the bottom of the melt pot with the palm of your hand to pop out the melt. 

Over 30 different fragrances to discover! 

Biodegradable sugar cane pots, you can compost, and recyclable lids

*Never leave a burner or candle unattended. Do not leave children or pets unsupervised around the burner.