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Aloe Vera Body Butter Blood Orange 250g (out of stock)

Aloe Vera Body Butter Blood Orange 250g (out of stock)

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Our best selling body butter now comes in juicy blood orange!

This luxurious new body butter is like a whipped soft meringue. It contains repairing and soothing Aloe Vera, which helps promote healing from sun damage, scarring, wrinkles, it's anti- inflammatory, improves appearance of skin, hydrates and rejuvenates, lightens dark spots, stretch marks, also great for eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, fungal infections and more. With added help to moisturise from organic shea butter & Jojoba,  this cream is truly the only thing you will need for an all over super skin botanical healer.


Texture: Thick, Butter  Scent: Fresh, citrusy, Orange

Orange benefits your skin in many ways, combatting damage with antioxidants and promoting collagen by providing your skin with vitamins and minerals. But research on blood orange essential oil has shown that there are even more blood orange benefits for skin: Studies have suggested that blood orange essential oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it a great option for treating acne.

Separate studies suggest that some of the natural phytochemicals in blood orange essential oil have anti-inflammatory properties--so this natural oil may also work as a remedy for inflamed, stressed-out skin. Research has also linked the use of blood orange essential oil in aromatherapy with reduced anxiety levels.

*Always do a patch test on skin with any new product. Use with-in 12 months no preservatives 

*Please note texture & colour can change batch to batch due to working with natural products. some batches can turn a little grainy in hot weather. it's still fine to use, it doesn't compromise the quality of the product. Balms will still melt on warm skin contact. This is just an occurrence that can happen when using butters and oils. 

AloeVera Butter (Aloe barbadensis & Cocos nucifera), Organic Shea Butter, Australian Jojoba oil, Annatto seed oil, Blood Orange Essential oil.