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Baby Nappy Balm 100g

Baby Nappy Balm 100g

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This beautiful natural balm is made with chamomile, vitamin e, aloe vera, kaolin clay, olive oil and luscious oils like Avocado oil. Good for sensitive skin, made for gentle little baby bottoms. Supermarket products are usually full of toxic ingredients, fragrance and parabens. Try our natural balm and feel the difference. 

Texture: Thick, silky balm  Scent: light chamomile flowers


"I have been trying it, and it leaves the skin so smooth and full of moisture" Stacey. 

"I love the baby balm - it melts perfectly in my fingers, It fixed a rash that was brooding after a day of excessive pooh's and repaired over night with a few applications of the balm. No stinging - perfect for babies bottom." Elizabeth

Ingredients: olive oil, avocado oil, castor oil, Aloe vera butter, Zinc Oxide non-nanno, Vitamin E, Kaolin clay, Chamomile essential oil .5%, beeswax.

*Always do a patch test with new skin products