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Dog Balm with Neem oil 100g

Dog Balm with Neem oil 100g

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Dog balm, made for dogs with sensitive skin, rashes, cracked or sore paws.

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents in neem help reduce the redness, swelling and pain associated with skin outbreaks. It is a natural pesticide and used to keep flees and ticks off dogs. In humans it has been known to help acne, dryness and general skin irritation. Neem has a strong smell (nutty/garlic smell) but the benefits of this oil, far out weigh the slight smell in my products. The Balm also contains Kokum butter, which helps prevent drying of the skin (humans and dogs) Helps heal ulcers, heal fissures of the lips, hands and soles of feet or PAWS! Helps regenerates skin cells & reduces degeneration of skin cells.
Non-pore clogging, Safe for dogs, Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. 

Ingredients: Kokum butter, Neem seed oil, Castor oil, Victorian beeswax, Virgin coconut oil, Lavender, cedarwood and Lemongrass essential oils (1.5%) 

*Please note texture & colour can change batch to batch due to working with natural products. some batches can turn a little grainy in hot weather. it's still fine to use, it doesn't compromise the quality of the product. Balms will still melt on warm skin contact. This is just an occurrence that can happen when using butters and oils.