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Hair & Face oil - Moroccan 50ml
Hair & Face oil - Moroccan 50ml

Hair & Face oil - Moroccan 50ml

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A beautifully gentle hair and face oil made with luxury ingredients, suitable for all skin types, but especially good for problem skin, acne and break outs. 100% natural and vegan friendly.

Hero ingredient is Moroccan Blue Tansy oil: It's got antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It's most common use is to calm irritated skin, reduce heat, and relieve delicate or troubled skin. Blue tansy's ability to clear congested pores, kill off pimple-causing bacteria, and reduce redness, make it one of the best oils for acne-prone skin

Men may want to try this one too, great for skin and beards

Moringa oil: "Miracle Tree" Moringa has many nutrients for your skin including vitamin A, which builds collagen , It has vitamin C that helps to fight the signs of ageing and vitamin E that has anti-inflammatory properties. It is widely praised for helping acne and as a moisturising hair treatment.

Frankincense oil: The oil of the "Gods" liquid gold, this oil has it all. Used for centuries, it promotes smooth skin, Frankincense oil is touted as an effective natural anti-acne and anti-wrinkle remedy. Anti-inflammatory, skin nourishing and healing.

Use twice a day, after washing your face. 3-4 drops is plenty and gently press in and around the face and neck. Use any excess on the hair and scalp.

Scent: lightly floral, earthy, green herby notes with a hint of orange blossom 

Ingredients: Organic Moringa oil, coconut oil FCF, vitamin E non GMO, blue tansy (morocco) neroli and frankincense essential oils. 

*Always do a patch test on skin with any new product. Use with-in 12-18 months no preservatives