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Nasal Inhalers - Aromatherapy back order - december
Nasal Inhalers - Aromatherapy back order - december

Nasal Inhalers - Aromatherapy back order - december

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New nasal inhalers- Please choose which one suits your needs:

All formulated by Tanya, Aromatherapy and essential oil specialist. 

Decongestant Inhaler:

Fantastic when you need some help to clear a head cold, mucus build up, blocked nose, these oils in particular are chosen because they contain chemical constituents that aid in opening the airways, expectorant qualities and work similar to other nasal inhalers on the market, with camphor/menthol. Great if you have a head cold. Use daily when needed by gently inhaling the scent. Not for children under 5yrs. 

Ingredients: Menthol, Bergamot, Juniper, Rosemary (ct. Cineole) Cardamom, Eucalyptus (radiata) Cedarwood, Peppermint


Relaxation Inhaler:

This is the same blend in our relaxation blend essentail oil bottle, great to inhale to uplift and calm the mind. This blend is exactly for times you need to unwind, relax, stay calm yet uplifting with the citrus which makes you feel good, very gentle for the whole family. Oils used to help support the immune system, overall well being, and calms tension. Helps to unblock stagnant energy, eases pessimism, and soothing to the perfectionist who finds it hard to relax. Nurturing, encourages balance, and helps to control panic attacks. Mildly sedative, or relaxing to even the busiest mind. Gently inhale throughout the day if you find yourself getting anxious. 

Ingredients: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Pettigrain, Mandarin, Cedarwood


Sleep Inhaler: 

A beautiful blend of Roman Chamomile, French Lavender, Rosewood, and Lavendin to help give you a restful nights sleep. Gently inhale before bed for a few minutes.  These oils are known to have constituents that aid in relaxation and sleep. Keep it beside the bed for when you need it.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Lavender true, Rosewood, Lavendin