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Peppermint Foot Oil 100ml

Peppermint Foot Oil 100ml

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A soothing and cooling blend of oils perfect for tired and sore feet! A combination of non greasy sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, peppermint and rosemary essential oils. Rub into clean feet, for cracked and sore soles, helps with athletes foot, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties keeping your feet healthy and smelling fresh. Get someone to give you a pampering foot massage, or massage into your feet after a shower, before bed. You will wake up with the softest feet!

Rosemary: has been used throughout the civilizations in cosmetics for its antiseptic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties and in medical care for its health benefits. Rosemary is reported to have healing properties, including its ability to strengthen the body and to heal organs such as the brain, heart, and liver. Despite being unaware of the concept of germs, people of the 16th century used Rosemary as incense or as massage balms and oils to eliminate harmful bacteria, especially in the rooms of those suffering from illness. For thousands of years, folk medicine has also used Rosemary for its ability to improve memory, soothe digestive issues, and relieve aching muscles.

Peppermint: When used in aromatherapy, Peppermint essential oil’s expectorant properties clear the nasal passageway to promote the relief of congestion and to encourage easy breathing. It is believed to stimulate circulation, reduce feelings of nervous tension, soothe feelings of irritability, boost energy, balance hormones, and enhance mental focus. The scent of this analgesic oil is believed to help relieve headaches, and topically applied with a carrier, soothe sore aching muscles. This oil is also used as a disinfectant as it has antibacterial properties.

*Always do a patch test on skin with any new product. Use with-in 18 months no preservatives

Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, Sweet almond oil, Peppermint and Rosemary essential oils, vitamin E antioxidant.