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Rose Hydrosol Face Mist 50ml

Rose Hydrosol Face Mist 50ml

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Organic rose hydrosol, distilled from fresh rose petals and keeping all the nutrients of the plant. This is a gentle floral water to spritz on the face when you need a little cool down after sun, after being in aircon or heating all day. 

Rose hydrosol is great for all skin types and is especially favoured as a toner by those with sensitive or mature skin. Hydrating, reducing oils, reducing redness, helps to soothe cuts and abrasions, and with the added benefits of witch hazel, its a fantastic skin toner, helping to minimise pores. 

Keep in a cool place or even in the Fridge. Use with-in 6-9 months of purchase.

This is a fresh hydrosol, no preservatives. 

Ingredients: Organic rose hydrosol, witch hazel, Rose otto, Solubol

*Glass bottles may change upon availability. All are standard 50ml